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Vol. 1 No. 1 (2021): From Crisis to Desire: Psychoanalysis for an ethical response to current social scenarios

Social Clinic: A new ethical mandate for the clinician and the academic

June 24, 2021


With the first issue of SAS we hereby launch a platform for a psychoanalytic hermeneutics regarding contemporary social problems, in an attempt to epistemologically found a social clinic which, following the paradigm of complexity, can only be configured through a dialogue of interconnections with other areas of knowledge (anthropology, pedagogy, social sciences, ecology, economics, architecture, political science, semiotics, philosophy, cultural studies, etc.). The environmental and economic crises, xenophobia, extremism, terrorism, and the devaluation of institutions with the consequent re-emergence of totalitarianisms, all have common psychological causes contributing both at an individual and collective level.