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Vol. 1 No. 2 (2021): Subject, Otherness and Uncertainty

Specificity of the Treatment of the real: subjects of the social and dissident links

October 10, 2021


The one called by some authors "psi field" includes areas such as clinical psychology, educational psychology, the interrelation between these, neurosciences, psychiatry, psychopharmacology ... it is a field and discourse born within the positivism that has been shaping and trapping to other currents, mainly to hermeneutics and, to a large extent, to psychoanalysis itself.

In this article I clarify the specificity of psychoanalysis, more precisely that of the clinic of the real with respect to that of the psi field. Furthermore, I offer a renewal of the specificity of the treatment of the real in the occupation of the subjects of the social and proposing the formalization of two new discourses or social links from psychoanalysis; each looking at the de - marginalization of psychoanalysis as a mere area of ​​the psi field and the promotion of the social presence of psychoanalysis as a discourse that encourages and supports the properly social bond that contrasts with the bond, in the narcissistic background, that it corresponds to the social base of the psi field.