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Vol. 1 No. 2 (2021): Subject, Otherness and Uncertainty

The psychoanalytic clinic to the proof of social and humanitarian emergencies: Assim’s case

November 25, 2021


The present contribution aims to offer, through the exhibition of a clinical case, a reflection on the application of a clinical approach with a psychoanalytic orientation to new emerging contexts of the social clinic and about the peculiarities of listening and clinical intervention with the Culturally different Other as well as surviving experiences of traumatization and extreme violence. Specifically, the contribution exposes a clinical support path, of psychoanalytic orientation, with a young Iranian adult conducted over a year, on a mono-weekly basis, within a Neapolitan social enterprise that manages the so-called SAI centres (formerly SPRAR) used for the reception of forced migrants in Italy. While being aware that what the literature calls “post-migratory determinants”, which also and above all include the institutional dynamics that characterize the reception centres, play a central role in the constellation of the psychic discomfort of this population, the intent is rather to dwell on the characteristics and qualities of the clinical relationship in an attempt to show the evolution of the path carried out, and to propose some theoretical and methodological reflections  about the application of a psychoanalytic and trans-cultural clinic outside the classic analysis room.