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Vol. 2 No. 1 (2022): Construction and Destruction of Subjectivity and Social Relations

An Intersubjectivity theory of perversions

February 21, 2022


Through intersubjective theory it’s possible define perversions as behaviours characterized by the negation of the sunjectivity of the Other. During the article it’s observed that perversions are a mode of affective regulation; especially the perverse individual tries to deny the reality of the Other to avoid the anxiety associated to an intersubjective relationship. According to Jessica Benjamin’s intersubjective theory, perversions are a behavioral mode of avoiding intimate development with the Other. In the relations that the perverse establishes there is no mutual recognition of subjectivity. Sexuality is therefore observed from a relational and intersubjective point of view.

In the final part some reflections are proposed on the therapeutic relationship of perverse individuals.