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Vol. 2 No. 1 (2022): Construction and Destruction of Subjectivity and Social Relations

The sign of dialogue between psychoanalysis and cultural psychology

April 25, 2022


This paper intends to establish a dialogue between psychoanalysis and cultural psychology, more specifically regarding the discussions about identity. It is an exercise that follows the modern trend of interdisciplinarity and, consequently, of overcoming the Aristotelian way of compartmentalizing knowledge, aiming to produce more comprehensive answers to complex issues such as identity, a very relevant theme for psychology nowadays. To do so, we begin by establishing the differences between each of the theoretical fields, showing that they are distinct theories, but not contradictory to each other and that, despite this, they can converge on the same object, contributing to its understanding. In this way we shed light over the possible points of articulation between these two fields and show that it is fully possible to approach identity in a holistic way, from distinct theoretical fields that produce new perspectives for a discussion as relevant as those that refer to identity.