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Vol. 3 No. 2 (2023): Processes of symbolization, transformation and blocking of subjective and collective experience

Epistemology of the Unplaceable in Psychoanalysis: toward a Clinical Practice of Condition for Young Adolescents

July 2, 2023


In France, the term unplaceable [incasable] belongs to the field of child protection.  It seeks to place [caser] those subjects who present certain characteristics, among which is violence.  This is an epistemological paradox, placing the unplaceable, which we will investigate through the case study of Pierre, who demonstrates the core of what we might otherwise call the unclassifiable unplaceable.  Starting from binary logic and the imperative for violence, our objective is to propose a clinical practice of the condition, based on a psychoanalytic perspective.  This approach is particularly pertinent for those subjects who, unable to subjectify themselves, desubjectify through violence and acting out.